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Why Antiche Curiosità?

Antiche Curiosità is a new Online Concept, a peculiar eCommerce where visitors would find a gift idea, antiques furniture, old prints and books, vintage items from UK and from all around the World. A unique Online Antiques Shop based in the UK on the web, open 24 hours 7 days per week, just every time.

Mary and Francesco have been for years the owners of a quite busy old bookshop in Italy dealing with all types of rare books from 15th Century onwards, rare prints and engravings, old paintings and vintage items. Now they are involved with this new concept of Antiques Shop to reach customers from all over the World using a fresh, different and effective approach to the old fascinating collectable items.

Francesco Saverio Maione

Francesco has quite huge experience as antiques dealer, currently is involved with some visitors projects with the National Trust and the English Heritage. With two books publications back in Italy has been Mary’s coauthor and is currently at work for the next book coming in both Italian and English languages.

Mary Blindflowers

Mary is a book writer and theatre reviewer, born in Italy, and currently based her works in Hertfordshire, UK. With a long experience dealing with antique items, furniture and old collectable books as an antique dealer in Italy and in the UK. Mary is 10 years experienced books writer and painter as she published several books with her artworks as cover and prints. Mary gained a BA (Hons) in Modern Literacy at the University of Sassari, Italy (1999) and a Master in Medical Criminology and Psychology at the University ”La Sapienza” of Rome (2004).

We Sell Guaranteed Absolutely Original authentic Maps, Prints, Books and Vintage items.

If you are interested in any item you can also contact us by email and we will be able to help.

Antiche Curiosità