Mary Blindflowers

The nightmare of the elephant man (memory), mixed media on canvas by Mary Blindflowers©

About me…


I love oneirism, symbol’s clear-headed absurdity and visionariness never for its own sake, but as a vehicle for riding towards worlds that can be related to ours, to their imperfection, filth and material evidence. I like biting poetry and literature which wrong-foots on behalf of experimentability as a reflexive fracture. I do not write to give answers, but to seek doubts from the perspective of an active nihilistical catastrophism. My novels propose lyrical self’s inexhaustible overcoming in a natural and instinctive transcending in order to find again human beings without protective infrastructures, naked and lonely with themselves inside universe’s bastard cosmic time. In my spare time I paint my covers to give light to my words’ subconscious prevalently by oil-on-canvas technique.

Oniricon, mixed media on canvas by Mary Blindflowers©

Personal Profile


Books Writer and founder of Destructuralism Cultural Movement, born in Italy, based in Hertfordshire, UK. Previous 10 years experience in Italy with different works and collaborations. Bachelor of Modern Literacy at University of Sassari, Italy (1999). Master of Medical Criminology and Psychology at University ”La Sapienza” of Rome (2004).

Rivista Destrutturalista Primo Numero

Rivista Destrutturalista Primo Numero


Books Publications


Il Destrutturalismo (Magazine Publishing Director), Della Vecchia, July 2020.

L’Étoile noir de Mu, Anti-roman anarcho-surréalist, BlackWolf Edition, 2020 (French version).

Destructuralist Art, Della Vecchia, 2020 (art catalogue English and Italian version);

The Black Star of Mu, BlackWolf Edition, 2018 (fiction English version);

La Stella Nera di Mu, BlackWolf Edition, 2017 (fiction Italian version);

Utensili sparsi, Nettarget Edition, 2016 (poems);

Tibbs and Tibbs (English & Italian Version), Nettarget Edition, 2016 (fiction);

Il dio mangiato, Nettarget Edition, 2016 (essay);

Memorie straordinarie di un libro vivente, ABEditore, 2015 (surrealistic fiction);

Incroci di rosari 108, Eretica Edition, 2015 (poems);

I gelsi neri, Nettarget Edition, 2015 (fiction play, theatre drama);

Il filo conduttore, Jumper Flik, Nettarget Edition, 2015 (avant-garde fiction);

De vita nova di Dante, Nettarget Edition, 2015 (preface);

Cucina di rabbia e poesia, Nettarget Edition, 2015 (cookery, fiction);

Ichnussa, il piede di dio, miti, usi, superstizioni e criminalità in Sardegna, Yume, 2015 (Sardinia’s traditions and folklore essay);

Il filo conduttore, Matisklo Edition, 2015 (e-book short fiction);

Picacismo Simbolico, Bastogi, 2014 (historical review and demonology about The Inquisition);

Lo strazio, Marco Saya Edition, 2013 (anarchist noir poetry);

L’occhio clinico, Edizioni della Lanterna, 2013 (surrealist noir fiction about human psychology);

Mister Yod non può morire, introduction by Alfonso Postiglione, La Carmelina, 2012 (experimental theatre drama);

Fiori ciechi, Annulli, 2012 (surrealist and anarchist fiction about human psychology);

Dalle galee al bagno al carcere, Armando Siciliano Editore, 2010 (historical review about European prisons from 1600 to 1945 after the World War II).

Works and Collaborations

Co-author works and projects:


Che cos’è il Destrutturalismo? (What is the Destructuralism?) and poems from the magazine Frequenze Poetiche no. 23 Anno III (September 2019);

La strega del Ponte del Diavolo; Il Collegio dei Nobili di Parma agli inizi del Settecento, from the catalogue Ambienti d’Italia, by Marco Fiori and Marzio Dell’Acqua, Annuario Ali 2018;

Il coraggio di essere Nessuno from the e-book Futurologia della vita quotidiana, Asino Rosso edizioni 2017;

Cesare Mattei e i fluidi elettrici; Tra Incanta Bess e letteratura carnevalesca, from the catalogue Vivere la Città IX Centenario del Comune di Bologna, by Marco Fiori and Marzio Dall’Acqua, Annuario Ali 2017;

Penne Armate, Rose e pallottole, Matisklo edizioni, 2016 (poetry collection);

Antologia proustiana, Treni, by Roberto Maggiani and Giuliano Brenna, 2016 (fiction and poems collection);

Futurismo Renaissance, D-Editore, 2016 (e-book project);

Writer, Publisher, Theatre Reviewer, Collaborations and Projects:


Collaboration with the magazine “Il cucchiaio nell’orecchio” (2019)

Collaboration with the magazine “Penne Armate”, no. 3 (November 2017);

Writer and Publisher for online magazines and blogs (“Bartolomeo Di Monaco”, “Sul Romanzo”, “Asino Rosso”) about classical literature and ancient history (2006 to 2015);

Collaboration with the newspaper “Bibbia d’Asfalto, Urban poetry on the road” (2015);

Collaboration with the anthology “Nuova oggettività”, La Carmelina Edizioni (2014);

Writer and Reviewer for the Newspaper ”La Voce dell’Isola”, Italy (2013);

Theatre Reviewer and Writer for the Newspaper “Vespertilla”, Italy (2008 to 2012);

Experimental and psychological humour fiction Io vedo! from the book “L’occhio clinico” published with the Magazine “Notabilis” in Sicily (2011).

Literature Awards and Poetry Prizes


Winner of the the literature competition Agenda letteraria Il Vajo del libro Awards with the poem Englishgiugno (June 2017);

Critics’ Award for the literature competition Il Parnaso, Premio Angelo La Vecchia with the poem “Musica abortita” (2017).

...Art Exhibitions


Henry Moore Foundation Studios & Gardens, (September – October 2019), Much Hadham Hertfordshire, mixed media drawing “Mother and Son in War” (Winner of the Henry Moore Drawing Competition 2019) exhibited in the Henry Moore Visitor Centre;

E17 Art Trail Exhibition (1st – 16th June 2019), London Borough of culture 2019, Waltham Forest, Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, London E17 7HA mixed media paintings (group exhibition).

Spring Art Exhibition 2019, (1st April – 16th June 2019), Naze Tower Art Gallery Museum, Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, CO14 8LE, mixed media paintings (individual exhibition).

The Forms of the Art, (4th – 24th January 2019), Rogar Street Campus G40 2AA, Glasgow, mixed media paintings (group exhibition).

Gosfield Gallery, (1st – 31st January 2019), Peterfield Lane, Gosfield, Essex, mixed media paintings (group exhibition).

Gosfield Gallery, (1st – 31st December 2018), Peterfield Lane, Gosfield, Essex, mixed media paintings (individual exhibition).

St. John’s Hall Gallery, Barmouth 2018 (5th – 30th June 2018), mixed media paintings, (individual exhibition), Barmouth, North Wales, LL42 1AF.

SYN Festival Edinburgh 2018 (9th – 22nd March 2018) oil on canvas, mixed media paintings, (group exhibition), Upper Church, Summerhall Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ziferblat Art Exhibition (20th June – 20th July 2017) oil paintings, mixed media, (individual exhibition), and La Stella Nera di Mu book launch, Ziferblat Art Concept Cafè, 388 Old Street, London, Shoreditch.

Rayleigh Windmill Art Exhibition (2nd – 19th April 2017) oil paintings, mixed media, (individual exhibition), and books, Rayleigh Windmill Museum, Bellingham Ln, Rayleigh SS6 7ED, Essex.



Le bout d’essai du petit oiseau, mixed media on canvas by Mary Blindflowers©