Mary Blindflowers exhibits at St. John Hall Gallery

Mary Blindflowers exhibits at St. John Hall Gallery

Mary Blindflowers exhibits at St. John Hall Gallery

Dancer and clown, mixed media on canvas by Mary Blindflowers©


St. John Hall Gallery will entertain Mary Blindflowers’ paintings since 5th until 30th of June.

The exhibition will be open 11am to 4:30pm Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays.

St. John Gallery is located at Barnmouth, North Wales, UK. Its alternative and no profit seat proposes innovating and out-of-box artists and sets interactive spaces apart for interesting debates about music and art.

St John’s Hall has been saved from redevelopment, and it has a secure future as a centre for the creative and enquiring mind in Barnmouth. The building has been bought by Harald Gassner, an art collector from Germany, and old friend of the artists in residence, Bernard Barnes and Reyna Rushton.

A lot of people volunteered and gave money to preserve this hall in its original beauty, and to re-open it as a space for public meeting. It was created as a sacred space, but also as a place for a living community, for dancing and singing. And now it has become a space of stimulation, contemplation, creation (forming new ideas), meditation, discussion, elaboration, conversation, consideration, and debate.

In Bernard Barnes’ and Reyna Rushton’s work you may discover concepts, emotions, involvements of both a loving and a critical spirit.

St. John Gallery expressed a qualitative judgement about Mary Blindflowers’ paintings.

We are thrilled to be showing this collection of paintings by Mary Blindflowers, selected from the open call for proposals. Mary Blindflowers’ style is rich in symbolic images that represent her deepest approach to metaphysical and phenomenal reality”.

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